Latest Updates

Latest Updates

As mentioned when we began making the moves between the domains, this version of the domain will contain product and service reviews, while the .com version will be strictly for my writing.

While deciding how we were going to approach the reviews, it was decided that we would only post reviews of products and services that we actually use or have used. Likewise, with the books we read, movies we watch, and so forth. On top of that, we may use affiliate links within our posts, along with showing advertising for other websites, etc. in order to help cover the costs of operating the websites.

We will be also looking into developing a program where we will post a review of the products and services of other businesses and as that service develops, we will post more information on this website. In the future, we will also be offering advertising through several different mediums throughout our network as well.

For instance, we can post article’s about you and your company, you’ll be able to buy banner advertising impressions, have your products featured on our websites, etc.

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